Main Benefits Of The Product

All channels integrated

All mainstream customer channels are supported.

Customer timelines

Provide better support for your customers by our automatic timeline creation.

Smart data

Extensive reporting options with personally configurable dashboards.

Provide great

All channels integrated


Contact by telephone is still one of the most common ways to contact. With direct connection to the Dutch telephony network we deliver good quality.


We offer extensive options for e-mail. For example, you can have tickets snooze or send a mail at a specific time.

Live chat and Whatsapp

Service provision through live chat and Whatsapp is becoming more common. These channels are also fully integrated in Omnidesk without plugins.

Social media

With our Facebook and Twitter integration you can easily answer public and private messages from your organization.


Connect Google's Dialogflow, IBM Watson or any other chatbot with Omnidesk for escalation call retention to a customer service representative via the timeline or for customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer contact in a timeline

With one application we create one timeline per customer for all channels. So the employee has a clear overview of the contact history and the internal notes.

We also make it very easy to switch between channels. Do you have someone on the line who likes to want confirmation via e-mail or text message? With our platform, this is a matter of pressing a button and finished.

Because we group communication at a customer level and the customer number is available we can take care of it that you get to this customer with the push of a button in your extended CRM. Our philosophy is: let us take care of it that everything with customer communication runs as smoothly as possible, then the IT department of your company can focus on features that are interesting within your specific market .

Smart data

Users can configure dashboards with a large amount of KPIs and other data in Omnidesk itself. Next are here graphs, tables or other views and can be updated live.


The GDPR is now a well-known concept. With customer communication you automatically come into contact with a lot of data. We therefore already have tooling available at an early stage to set a retention period per type of data. For example, attachments that can be deleted earlier than other data; or outgoing messages in tickets that are kept for one year and incoming messages that are deleted after six months. Because we can link communication to the customer with at the touch of a button, all data of that customer in the system can be easily removed immediately (keep in mind our 30-day backup term).

Other product features

Everything you need

Work from home

Every aspect of the application has been made so that it is easy to work from home. This is a nice alternative for the agents and also a great way to have a flexible and more scalable customer service.

Full fledged ticketing

From design Omnidesk is a full fledged ticketing application. With triggers, crons, priorities, assignment, SLA's and views to suit your workflow. From the outside the consumer will not see you deal with tickets internally: best of both worlds.


For each ticket, the turnaround time within your organization can be monitored. Do you promise to respond to your customers within 3 hours? Your customer service staff will see exactly which tickets meet these requirements.

Live channel tools

We have campaign and skill based live channel (chat and phone) routing along with live traffic management tooling.


Macro's are an important part of managing your agents workflow by having predefined actions (forms, priority, email content, internal note content, etc) for all sort of scenarios.

API-first design

Almost everything that can be done from the browser application can be done trough our API which enables nice integrations.



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Reviews From Our Users

What our users are saying about the product


Now that we are using Omnidesk we have got insight in every channel we are using with just one click.

Ernst Schaap, Supervisor Play van KPN

As someone who mainly communicates with customers through Social media, Omnidesk makes it much easier. No need to switch back and forth between other platforms!

Jihane Chaaraa, Social Media, Simyo

Omnidesk has contributed greatly to Simyo’s high Net Promoter Score (NPS). The fact that the tool is based on our team’s input and wishes adds much to its value and user friendliness. Omnidesk is the customer support tool that best fits our needs; highly recommended!

Gerry van der Laan, Manager klantenservice Simyo
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