Why the best customer services choose Omnidesk

All media channels

All social media channels are integrated in our platform.

One timeline per customer

Provide personal service with an overview of all communications per customer.

Smart data

Run extensive reports with personal options and dashboards.

Made in Holland

Get personal support, training and implementation from Leiden.

Offer great service

Optimal integration with all popular channels


Be assured of a good connection with the highest valued service channel. With Omnidesk you are directly connected to the Dutch telephone network.


Snooze, time or plan customer tickets. Offer your customers personal service with our extensive email capabilities.

Live chat and Whatsapp

All popular media channels are fully integrated at Omnidesk. That means accessible service for customers and a user-friendly platform for your customer staff.

Social media

Answer private and public messages quick and fast thanks to the full integration of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in our platform.


Connect Google's Dialogflow, IBM Watson or any other chatbot to continue the conversation smooth from chatbot to customer support.

Manage customer interactions in one timeline

With our application we integrate all interactions from different media channels into one timeline per customer. With this clear overview per customer, you turn service and support into a personal experience.


Switch easy between all media channels with Omnidesk’s platform. Does your customer prefers a confirmation by email or text message? You’re just one click away.


We believe you should focus on what you’re good at. Let us take responsibility of the technical foundation and we make sure your customer service is steady as a rock.

Let big data work for you

Take your customer service to the next level with our smart dashboards. Set KPIs, configure your data and generate live charts and tables.

GDPR proof

With our privacy tooling you can set a retention period for each type of data. For example: you can delete attachments earlier than other data or delete a customer’s data all at once. In the last case, keep the 30-day backup period in mind.

EU Support and Hosting,
100% wind energy.

Create the best customer service department

Product features to team up

Work from home

Our user-friendly dashboard allows users to collaborate and work remotely wherever and whenever. We make it easy for customer service employees to work from home.

Full ticketing options

Omnidesk supports triggers, crons, priorities, group and user assignments, SLA’s and views.

Measure your service level

Set the lead time per ticket and create priority in your system. Do you promise customers to respond within 3 hours? In our dashboard you can see exactly which tickets needs priority.

Live channel tools

Omnidesk provides extra tooling for live channels. This way, floorwalkers and trafficers keep track on the crowds and the supply of the customer service staff.


Macros are predefined actions, such as a form, priority, email and internal note. This allows the customer service staff to work more efficiently in the dashboard.

API-first design

Almost everything that can be done via our browser application can also be done via our API. This makes integrations from your own software very accessible.



This is what customers say about Omnidesk:

Since we use Omnidesk we have a clear overview and insight into all the channels with just one click!
Omnidesk has contributed a lot to Simyo's high NPS score. The fact that the software is based on the input and wishes of our team makes it valuable and very user-friendly. Omnidesk is the customer service software that best fits our needs. I highly recommend it!
Our team often communicates with customers via social media. Omnidesk makes this so much easier! No switching between platforms, but one clear overview and screen.
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Always included:

  • EU hosting and organisation
  • GDPR Privacytooling
  • Training, support en implementation
  • Friendly voice when you call us
  • Personal answer to your questions

Pricing depends on:

  • Number of users
  • Required support
  • Required SLA
  • Other configurations